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Cosmetic Dentistry

We will help you feel more confident with out Cosmetic Dentistry services. Every procedure from Whitening to Dentures is based on individual patient needs so you can get your smile back.

Our experienced team here at The Dental Salon are specialists in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry as well as dental implant procedures. We are proud to provide Long Beach and the surrounding areas with excellent dental care and fantastic results.

Fillings & Crowns
Bridges & Veneers
Dentures & Partials
Tooth Whitening

A Smile of Confidence

Get your bright, vivid smile back and feel more confident. With the increased confidence that comes from such a great smile, you can be assured that visiting The Dental Salon is a great choice.

Book your appointment at our Long Beach office to experience the highest quality cosmetic  dentistry from Dr. Francine I. Jackson.

Do you a have a question? Call The Dental Salon today, (562) 591-4028.

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Long Beach Dentist Cosmetic Dentistry

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